Boading Time & Location

<Boarding Time>


■ May 11 through June 15 Boarding Time:  6:50 PM

■ June 16 through August 15 Boarding Time:  7:10 PM

■ August 16 through September 15 Boarding Time:  7:00 PM

■ September 16 through October 15 Boarding time:  6:30 PM

 ※ Please arrive at the Seki Yusen office at least 20 minutes prior to boarding.

※Guests may bring their own food and drinks, however, they are responsible to remove their own garbage.  Guests are requested to take all garbage and trash with them when they leave.

※Ukai (cormorant fishing) is subject to cancellation in the event of bad weather such as a typhoon, or high water levels.

※A chartered large boat holds 20 people, the recessed seating style or horigotatsu  style boat holds 14 and the small boat holds 10 people.

※Advance reservations are required.


Seki Yusen Co.(Ukai viewing boat office)

76-3 Oze, Seki City, Gifu-ken