Oze Ukai Season

May 11th ー Oct. 15th

Oze Ukai

2024 Season starts from May 11th

We are now accepting bookings for 2024!

What is Oze Ukai?

Oze no Sato is located within the idyllic setting of the Oku Nagara River Prefectural Natural Park. The performance of Oze Ukai amazes visitors for five months of the year from May 11 until October 15. Visitors enjoy the beautiful scenery, reminiscent of ancient times, of the cormorant fishing masters (usho) and their cormorants fishing under a bonfire in quiet darkness.

■Oze Ukai is classified as a "Japanese Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property" in 2015.


■Sweetfish of Nagara river has been designated as a "World agricultural heritage certification" in 2015.


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小濑鸬鹚 欢迎您!
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Fascinating Entertainment with over 1,000 Years of History

fantastic scenery

Ukai (Cormorant fishing) is unique fishing technique which was saved over 1,000 years by regional authorities. Oze Ukai is the only Ukai still keeping the traditional way.

sensory gratification

Enjoy the touch of clear water, Feel the breeze, taste the sweet-fish, hear the sound of rowing a boat, cormorants singing, cormorant fisherman's call, beautiful scenery  of sunset, follow the movement of cormorant fishing. Enjoyable experience with your five senses.



unfold before your eyes


Tour boats sail down Nagara river along with  cormorant fishing boats. This approach is called "Kari-kudari". Experience this entertainment  closely even feel balefire.

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